As our guest you have free access to the swimming pool in front of the farm from 10: 00 to 19:00, size of the pool is 8 x 12 metres, descending from 0.40 cm to 1.50 m in depth. For lovers of natural water there is the Lake area at La Salvetat and the Mediterranean Sea within driving distance of one hour.


Cycling in this neighbourhood is for sporty people. An absolute must is the VTT or off road cycling. Detailed maps are available. There is also the "piste vert"-an old railway track from Bedarieux to Mazamet, 78 km of hiking, bicycle or horseback riding pleasure (bring your own horse).


At the farm we have extensive documentation regarding walks in the area, for all levels and for all distances. Very popular is a randonnee with a donkey! For more information


Canoeing can be done amongst others in Roquebrun, there are 5 trips from one and a half hours up to 2 to 3 days. For more information,


For lovers of rock climbing, there are plenty of possibilities near Les Therondels, both for sports climbers as for alpine rock climbers. After the Alps this is the largest granite massif of France. Major advantage of granite: it remains wonderfully rough! The lovers of climbing gardens with prepared hooks will really enjoy themselves here. For example in the Gorges d'Héric, where you will find wonderful cool waterholes to recover!


Besides being a wonderful holiday-spot, Les Therondels is also an attractive location for music events and parties. We are enthusiastic (live) music lovers so don't hesitate to bring a musical instrument (or your whole band ...). A professional sound system makes it even possible to organise larger events! Until the end of June and from the beginning of September we also rent Les Therondels as a location for parties up to 80 persons.